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We make animated videos that help you tell great stories to Simplify your message, Engage and Inspire your audience!

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Our animation agency helps you tell stories to engage, clarify your message, and touch hearts. We empower you to connect with your customers online and grow your business!

Our Team

Animation Door has the best video animation, team. We don’t just ensure beautiful visuals but also something meaningful that adds value to your brand and positions it strongly to stay ahead in the game. Our team leverages proven techniques from Hollywood, psychology, and marketing to deliver animated videos that attract, engage, and inspires the target audience. So, say goodbye to the old (and boring) way of telling your brand’s story. Embrace a new (and better) way that instills more power and impact in your ideas and identity.


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Frequently asked questions

Making motion graphics is one of the best ways to produce a video or a promotional teaser to introduce products and services. Motion graphics video,  motion graphics ads and motion graphics teasers make more customers, more fans and consequently more sales and profits. Motion graphics videos have a magical power to change a boring context into an exciting and interesting one. The capital or budget you spend on making motion graphics is much less than the profit that returns you.

The type of project and its purpose in making motion graphics all affect the time of work. Motion Graphics teaser projects will usually be executed within 10 to 30 days, depending on the duration of the clip and its complexity

You have to keep in mind that ads are not only being present! The type of advertisement, the purpose of the advertisement and the message of the advertisement must be specified in order to make effective advertising.

Our experts will give you the best suggestions for making motion graphic video based on your business and will develop the work plan for you. In the end, after finalizing and performing the initial agreements, the contract for making the motion graphics is signed and the production process will be started according to the type of motion graphics packages, pricing, and scheduling.

No. All payments are based on the contract.


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Our clients say

"I really enjoyed working with the whole team of Animation Door.They are open minded and positive towards other's prespective.In short Great Experience and i was incredibly happy with their work."
Hilary Leigh
Chief Creative Officer
"The final product was more than we expected.It was tremendous collaboration between us and Animation Door
Hall Read
Senior Producer
"Animation Door reallybrough our products benefits to life with creativity and humor.We are proud of the results."
Quintin Angus
"Not only quality but they deliver the humorous environment. Their Confidence to handle the situations always makes us sit and relax."
Jillie Tempest